Board of Directors


Aldya Huerta

Managing Director of Achiever Relations

I really love reading, exercising, and hanging out with friends and trying out new food. I am excited about Amphibz because I get to hang out with all the awesome mentors and Achievers!


Chris Jaicks

Director of Rowing, Crew Coach

Hey guys! I'm a junior at MIT studying biological engineering. Things I love include rowing, The Office, every DC sports team, and of course Amphibious Achievement!


Gerry Cortez

Director of Mentor Development

What’s up you guys! I’m Gerry! I’m a freshman, and I’m super excited to be working with Amphibz. I was born and raised in Mexico so I can speak both Spanish and English! My favorite things include: sports, playing the guitar or music in general, and going for hikes or adventuring in Boston.


Julia Ginder

Executive Director, Swim Coach

Hello! I'm studying chemistry, biology, and public policy at MIT. I love to run, journal, and sail! Peanut butter and banana is my favorite combination (closely followed by carrots/pretzels and hummus).


Luke Eure

Executive Director, Swim Coach

I'm a swimmer! I coach Achievers who are just beginning to swim. I love music, spaghetti, the Oxford comma and physics.


Nina Levine

Director of Achiever Outreach, Swim Coach

At MIT, I am a butterfly and IM-er on the Varsity Swim Team, and I really want to share my love for the sport with Achievers! I plan to study nuclear science and engineering, and in my free time, I really like listening to music and creative writing.


Caroline Liu

Director of Marketing, Swim Coach

I'm a junior from North Carolina studying Materials Science and Engineering. Outside of Amphibious Achievement, I enjoy listening to bands no else has ever heard of, drinking Arnold Palmers, and singing in the shower.


Chris Xue

Director of Swimming, Swim Coach

I am a junior majoring in computer science and minoring in business management. I want to utilize technology to positively impact the world, and I also love Amphibz! I enjoy watching the NBA and NFL and binge watching Scrubs in my free time.


Jacob Phillips

Director of Development, Swim Coach

I was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, and began swimming at five years old. I grew up through the sport, swimming for a local summer team, club team, high school, and eventually coming to swim at MIT. I have a passion for giving back to my community through service!


Kathy Pan

Managing Director of External Relations, Swim Coach

I'm a member of the MIT swim team and can't wait to teach the Achievers a love for the water! I like exploring, reading, journaling, power napping, and eating brunch for dinner.


Maddie Michael

Director of Rowing, Crew Coach

Hello! I'm a sophomore on the lightweight women's rowing team. I love getting to know Achievers on and off the water! When I'm not rowing, I love discovering new podcasts, trying new food spots, and finding adventures.


Sarah Vu

Director of Deep Dive, Swim Coach

Hey y'all! I'm Sarah from Htown, and I'm a member of the class of 2021. I swam in high school, but now, on top of Amphibz, I'm exploring cheerleading and long-distance running. I love art museums, and I really enjoy Thai food!


Catherine Williamson

Managing Director of Campus Relations, Crew Coach

I am a crew coach who adores rowing and teaching others the sport I love. I really like working one on one with Achievers to get to know them and help them improve what's most specific to their needs. I love Amphibz and excitedly anticipate every Sunday!


Franie Parker-Hale

Director of Achiever Communications, Crew Coach

I'm Franie, a sophomore majoring in computational biology! I row for the women's lightweight team at MIT and I love sharing my passion for the sport! When I'm not rowing, I really enjoy cooking, listening to music, and going on spontaneous adventures around Boston.


Jameson Kief

Director of Mentor Relations

Hello world. I am a tutor from the class of 2020. I am an avid spectator of underwater basket weaving and am an aspiring player of the game Lacrosse. I am studying mechanical engineering in biomedical devices and enjoy sharing my passion for athletics and academics with Achievers.


Kiara Wahnschafft

Director of Academics

Hey guys! I'm in the class of 2021 and am studying computer science at MIT. I have so much fun teaching Achievers on Sundays at Amphibz! I'm on the soccer team at MIT and also love acting and eating food. All the food.


Marla Odell

Managing Director of Curriculum, Crew Coach

A rower on the Women's Openweight team and a sophmore computer science major, I'm eager to share my passion for athletic and academics with all the Achievers. When I'm not studying or rowing, I love to listen to country music, explore coffee shops and eat frozen yogurt.


Yazmin Guzman

Director of Academics

Hi! I am a mentor in Amphibz! I love getting to know the Achievers and really pushing them to do their best. I really like watching TV and listening to music.


Our Mentor Corps


Amelia Bryan


Hi! My name is Amelia and I am a senior majoring in mechanical engineering. I have been a part of Amphibious Achievement since my sophomore year. I love getting the Achievers excited about the academic material :)


Cathy Sun


I'm in the class of 2018 studying mechanical engineering and in my free time, I like to pretend to rap, nibble on trail mix, and do anything that involves nice weather.


Isabella Gomez


Hello I'm Isabella! I come from deep down in Texas right on the border of Mexico. I love my Mexican food from home, swimming, and spending time with Amphibz people. I'm interested in studying Civil Engineering and Political Science here at MIT. Fun Fact: my spirit animal is a narwhal.


Kyle Archer

Swim Coach

Hi I am Kyle, and I love making people smile, Taylor Swift, and Amphibious Achievement. When I am not sporting the blue and green, you can see me over at Sloan or practicing with the Men’s Water Polo team.


Nadya Balabanska


Hi I'm Nadya from Virginia and I like playing lacrosse, reading, building robots, and being outside!


Peter Hart


Hello! My name is Peter Hart and I am from Carlisle, Massachusetts. In my free time I enjoy wood working, swimming, and playing ultimate frisbee. I am currently a freshman and still deciding what I want to study. I am super excited to be a new member of the Amphibz team!

Brett Haeffner



Dane Erickson

Swim Coach

2 Truths and a Lie: 1. I've eaten the leftovers of the King of Norway. 2. I almost died swimming off the coast of Italy. 3. I was almost named Thor.


Josh Tomazin

Swim Coach

I swim sprint freestyle on the MIT varsity swim team and I study computer science. I like indie music, coffee, cooking, cartoons, dinosaurs, playing guitar, and The Lord of the Rings.


Matt Nicolai


I'm a senior studying Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Management. I play linebacker on the football team at MIT and I love pizza.


Nick Martin


I'm a tutor on Sundays and am on the Board of Directors. My job is to coordinate with sponsors and MIT administration to make sure program development runs smoothly. I also organize the Erg-A-Thon (our biggest fundraiser of the year) and help organize our annual gala in the spring.


Riker Bixby

Crew Coach

I am a junior from New Jersey studying Computational Biology. I am a crew coach and mentor. Outside of Amphibz, I enjoy spending time in lab, skiing, and playing crosswords!

Cathy Choi

Crew Coach

I’m a sophomore from Las Vegas studying materials science and engineering. I love finding cool restaurants, playing the violin and rowing for the women’s lightweight crew team!


Evelyn Florentine


I am a junior from the amazing city of Los Angeles. I love chocolate, clothes, and Amphibious Achievement!


Justin Chiu

Swim Coach

I've been a competitive swimmer for most of my life. I love exploring the city and going to amusement parks.


Matt Wu

Crew Coach

Hi there! I am a junior studying Computational Biology and love mentoring the Achievers in both the boathouse and the classroom. Outside of Amphibz, I enjoy playing basketball and piano and going on adventures in Boston.


Patrick McClure


I'm a member of the MIT Lightweight Men's Rowing Team, a physics/astronomy major, and an even bigger fan of Taylor Swift than Kyle is. You can find me on the weekends eating too much, sleeping in late, or sitting in front of my computer for way too long.


Sam Ihns


Sophomore on the men's heavyweight crew team. Eats a LOT of instant oatmeal.


Our Alumni

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